About Joe Beavers

Joe Beavers is a child of the world.  Having grown up as an army brat living overseas and in many different states he has had an opportunity to learn about many different cultures.  While studying art at the University of Kansas, he married his high school sweetheart and they started a family.  As a young married man, he entered the automobile business to take care of his growing family and his artwork had to take a backseat (pun intended)!


After 38 years in the automobile business, he retired and once again was able to put his desire to paint and create art first.  His love of color is part of what he puts down on the canvas whether creating an abstract work of art or doing a painting of the nature surrounding him in Colorado.  He likes to use unusual media in his paintings as he experiments with his work.  He has used foam to create 3-D works of art, strings of lights, black light reactive paint as well as other things he finds around his studio.


Joe is active in the art community, volunteering with the Tri-lakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake and showing at local galleries.  He also volunteers with Grey Ghost Weimaraner Rescue and spends a lot of time with one of the family dogs, Maggie!  Joe & his wife, Carolyn, have 3 children & 7 grandchildren living in Colorado Springs, Illinois & Hawaii.